Switch your brand ON... 

At Barron, we have built a proud legacy of Switching brands ON. By creating unique corporate and promotional products for over 25 years, we have built our own brand on a foundation of quality, value and service that our customers believe in.  

We also bring something extra to the table – an eye for the unexpected; a spark of creativity. This is the magic that has the power to transform your brand.

Our extensive catalogue holds a world of possibilities, with apparel, workwear, chef wear, sport, headwear, gifts, bags, display as well as branding. Our high-quality products, combined with our creative solutions, will delight your staff and customers.

Our Brand Manifesto

At Barron we believe in the power of great brands and great service.

Which is why we believe that every brand has the right to a meaningful canvas, upon which to tell their story.

This means we offer a range of products, each with the potential to tell a story about your brand. Solutions to suit a variety of pockets and purposes.

At Barron, we are in the service of others.

Which is why we are always considerate, friendly and neat in our approach.

Helping great brands, tell great stories.

Switch your brand on.
ON is up.
ON is right now.
ON is upbeat.
ON is can-do.
ON works.
ON solves.
ON builds.
ON serves.
ON, is your brand.
Switched on.
Barron. Switch your brand on.